What Can I Expect From my LawyerLine Onboarding?

You have just scheduled your LawyerLine onboarding call – now what?

First – congratulations! LawyerLine is excited to answer your calls (yes, really!) and take some things off of your plate.

At your scheduled time, your LawyerLine Account Manager will reach out and discuss with you the specifics of how our LawyerLine team can best assist your practice. Depending on what package you sign up for, our representatives can perform a custom intake for any potential client who calls in, schedule their consultation, process their consultation fee payment, provide Spanish/English translation services, and so much more!

During your conversation with your account manager, they’ll take the time to go over any questions you may have. LawyerLine is more than just an answering service – we dedicate our team to assisting lawyers with their practice in every and any way we can.

Call us at 800-380-3380 to schedule your onboarding call today!

Self Care for Lawyers

There’s no time like the present to be sure you’re taking care of yourself!

“Self care” typically trends on social media with pictures of bubble baths, face masks, and matching robe and slipper combos. All of which can be relaxing, but not always conducive for people who work 40+ hours a week and/or own their own business. So how can you also indulge in self-care as a lawyer?

  1. Boundaries. 

Also a bit of a buzzword in some circles, but setting realistic boundaries for yourself is important to avoiding burnout. An 8-hour workday can easily turn into a 10+hour workday, especially since most of us are working from home. And while the first few times of working longer days doesn’t feel like it has an effect on you, it may be affecting you down the road. Making a promise to yourself to let your work extend into your down time is important for your mental health. Also, this can help your productivity as well if you’re well-rested. 

LawyerLine makes it easy for our clients to not deal with their phone calls after hours or at all, by providing 24/7 coverage. Let our representatives handle your calls and you enjoy one less task to deal with!

  1. Limits

All of us are only human – even if we feel like a superhero sometimes! And while burning the midnight oil and waking up at 5am, or maintaining energy with coffee and energy drinks, is okay once and a while, keeping up with that level of performance every day is draining. Dare I say, that it would be impossible as well! It’s not feasible to say yes to every single case, order, project, task that may come your way – and it’s okay to say no! After all, it is your practice!

LawyerLine’s well-trained staff is ready to help your practice as much as you’ll let us! Potential client intake, scheduling appointments, processing payment, translation services, outbound calls – utilizing our multi talented team to handle things that you don’t have to not only gives you more time to dedicate to what matters, but it also gives you the freedom and flexibility to maintain the growth of your clientele. 

  1. Vacation

What’s the point of working hard every single week of the year?! Summertime is famous for vacations for a reason – the warm sun and longer days are a recipe for success for planning a vacation! Be sure to take time with your loved ones (including friends, pets, and yourself!) to take a break from your everyday routine. 

And, you guessed it – LawyerLine makes going on vacation easy! With 24/7 handling of your phones, our representatives can take care of letting your clients know that you’ll call them back after your well-deserved vacation, and can schedule new client consultations for when you return!

Utilizing LawyerLine is pivotal to taking care of yourself, and your law practice. 

Summer Lovin’ – Ways to Show Love to Your Clients

Happy Summer, everyone!

With the sunshine beaming its brightest, now is a great time to think about how you can best show some love to your clients! Without a loyal client base, it may be difficult to grow your practice to the best of your abilities. Listed below are some things you can do that LawyerLine knows is appreciated by our lawyers’ clientele!

  1. Communication. Everyone likes feeling important, and one of the best ways to show your clients that you care and they’re important to you is to return their calls in a timely manner. Having open communication with your clients, even advising that you’re in trial all week but will circle back after that’s done, is a personal touch that clients appreciate. 
  2. Honesty. Being honest with your clients about the road ahead with their case, even if the road may have some bumps (or frankly, some major potholes) is imperative to having your client’s trust. The more trusted you are, the more likely they are to rave about you handling their case to their friend’s and relatives, which has the potential to grow your practice tremendously!
  3. Quality Time. Just like with any relationship in your life, spending time with people is important to fostering a healthy connection. In the case of attorneys and clients, treating the time spent with the client as though it’s the only thing on the agenda for the day makes the client feel respected. Rather than feeling like they’re being rushed off the phone or out the door, and thus feeling anxious, being treated with respect and having your undivided attention puts the client at ease. Having a relaxed client, who feels confident about their situation with your help, is much more helpful for you to do what you need to do for their case rather than a client who feels out of touch and nervous. 

There are many other ways to show your clients some love, such as always having someone to speak with when they call you (like our amazing LawyerLine representatives!) or giving them some sort of consolation for any referrals. But we have seen that the most rewarding methods of treating clients are the same as the tenets of a healthy relationship!

If you feel like your practice could use some help managing your client load, whether it be scheduling consultations, processing payments, calling leads, translation services, or all of the above, call into LawyerLine today at 800-840-0600

Four Ways a Call Answering Service Can Help Relieve Lawyer Burnout

As the summer season approaches, many of us are looking forward to some sort of vacation to enjoy the warm weather! The below outlines for major ways a call answering service can help you enjoy your summer and give you some time to relax. 

  1. We’ll screen your calls!

Having an answering service be able to answer your calls on your behalf saves you the effort of speaking to a potential new client when you’re in the middle of grocery shopping, or from speaking to a previous client about a new case on a family vacation. Having an answering service to screen your calls gives you the freedom to only take calls on the cases that matter most!

  1. We can schedule your initial consultations!

All LawyerLine needs is access to your calendar, and we can take care of speaking with potential clients and scheduling their appointments for you. 

  1. We can speak with your existing clients and condense their message for you!

Delegate speaking to your existing clients about their questions to your answering service! We can gather the information they’re looking for and organize it so that you’re able to see exactly what your client is looking to speak with you about. 

  1. You have more time to focus on your cases – or anything else!

Most importantly, by having LawyerLine answering service handle your calls for you – you’ll have more time to work on your caseload. You’ll also have more time to dedicate to anything else, which will in turn help alleviate any feelings of burnout you may experience. 


Hello and welcome to LawyerLine’s Blog! We’re very excited to be sharing articles with you, as there is so much we cannot wait to talk to you about. 

Lawyer.com as a whole was launched in 2009 as a matching service between Lawyers and Consumers, bridging the gap between attorneys and people in need of counsel. Lawyer.com launched LawyerLine a few years later! LawyerLine is a call-answering and work-flow management platform for lawyers that allows our representatives to help you help your clients better.

This allows you to better handle your caseload and pay more attention to your clients while we handle the scheduling, payment processing, call handling and more. LawyerLine has been providing assistance to attorneys for over eight years. Our team members have been trained to handle questions and concerns from attorney’s clients in over 140 practice areas.  

Currently, we have clients in 35 states in the U.S. (and counting!) and also have clients in Canada. We’re proud to say that we’ve grown our client base by 300% within the last year and we continue to strive to provide our clients with the best service. The heaviness of this past year is not lost on us, and we are so humbled and honored to be able to provide a service for you that has become increasingly needed. 

LawyerLine is designed to be completely customizable to fit your needs and your practice. Some attorneys have us handling their full potential client intake as well as processing payments for consultation fees and scheduling appointments, while others utilize our service to handle any overflow calls their in-house staff may not be available for. 

Here at LawyerLine, we are dedicated to being a convenient and essential part of your practice. One of our top priorities is cultivating a strong relationship built on trust with all of you and with your clients. We handle thousands of calls every week, which has given us invaluable experience with assisting callers in any circumstance. It is our primary goal to provide a service that not only meets your needs, but helps you grow your practice. We are live 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including major holidays, to always be there for you.

Looking ahead, we will be writing posts on a monthly basis here to keep everyone updated on all things legal and LawyerLine! If you have any questions about our service, legal marketing, or anything else, please email us at lawyer.line@corp.lawyer.com and we’ll write about it here! We hope you and your family had a safe and happy holiday season and we look forward to answering any questions you may have!