What Questions Should Be Asked on a Call with a Client?

When speaking with a potential new client for the first time, your first phone conversation is comparable to a first date. The specifics of what is discussed is all up to the personal preference of the attorney, but this is the opportunity to determine if this is a case to pursue.

On a general basis, asking for the client’s contact information is an important first step after exchanging pleasantries. Cell phone number, email address, alternate contact, etc. 

The questions that LawyerLine can ask your potential clients vary depending on your practice areas and also on the information you prefer to cover during the initial consultation. 

Common questions we ask for a few practice areas are listed below:

  1. General Questions: 
    1. How would you intend to pay for legal services? Would you be interested in a payment plan?
    2. How did you hear about our firm today?
  2. Family Law:
    1. Is your case contested or uncontested? 
    2. Where does the other party live?
    3. Where has the child involved lived for the past six months?
  3. Criminal Law: 
    1. In what county are the charges from?
    2. Do you have an upcoming court date?
    3. Do you have a previous criminal history?
  4. Estate Law:
    1. May I ask for the decedent’s date of death?
    2. Is there anyone contesting the will, that you know of?

We handle calls for approximately 200 lawyers in North America, for all different types of law. LawyerLine is able to ask any questions that will best assist you in handling your workload. 

If having LawyerLine ask your potential clients questions before an initial consultation, or any of the other services that we provide, please call us at 800-380-3380!

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