How LawyerLine Helps You Have a Client-Centered Practice

At LawyerLine, we provide an exceptional answering service specifically tailored for lawyers and attorneys. Having a niche like this cultivates unique interest and knowledge in the relationship between legal counsel and their clients. 

With Rocket Matter’s article “How Lawyers Should (and Shouldn’t!) Answer Phone Calls” in mind, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some insight LawyerLine has found when speaking with our client’s callers. 

Above almost all else, clients want to be treated with human decency. Have their calls be returned, their questions answered, and to really feel a connection with their lawyer. Especially in the instances of sensitive matters, such as criminal defense, divorce/custody, etc. It’s very easy for people to project their feelings of fear and apprehension about the situation onto their legal counsel, or onto the person who answers the phone. 

Our LawyerLine representatives treat every call with empathy, while also guiding them through the intake process. Our understanding and listening ears and warm personalities give your clients the time that you may not be able to spend on the phone, and our knowledgeable staff is able to schedule them for a consultation so they have time with to discuss their situation with you.

LawyerLine is also proud to be fully customizable. Our intake process can be as detailed as you need so that we can best serve your clients. We also train our representatives to process payments virtually, so our team can handle all of the “set-up” in the beginning of your relationship with a new client (or help maintain your existing client relationships). We can also provide translation services so that you can reach a broader client base, if desired.

Being able to assist your law firm with any and all of your call-handling needs, which in turn provides a welcoming experience for your clients, is at the heart of LawyerLine

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